Slacking… And Other Things.

Well, I’m terrible at posting anything on any sort of actual schedule. Sporadic posts seem to be the best I can do. How do people who work a full time job also manage to maintain a personal blog?! Sigh.

So, since I last posted Christmas has obviously come and gone…as well as New Year’s and, most recently, Valentine’s Day. Over these last several weeks, I have made a couple of decisions. One coincided with New Year’s and resolutions, but it’s not a resolution. I don’t make resolutions. I feel that, like promises, resolutions were made to be broken.

That said, I did make a sort of pledge to myself. I decided, almost immediately after Christmas (upon learning that I gained a full 8 pounds over the holidays) that I would start living healthier. That means eating better and exercising, in addition to worrying less. Due to a minor injury, I started this little plan about a week into January.

My health goals include cutting out drive-thru fast food (places like Taco Bell, Jack in the Box and McDonald’s which became frequent go-to’s for convenience), incorporating more fresh fruits and veggies, and trying to maintain a mostly “clean” diet in general. I don’t count calories. I don’t deprive myself of occasional sweets (but I also don’t have sugary desserts after lunch and dinner every day like I was previously doing!).

On top of eating better, I have started exercising more frequently. Last year I began running, and I got pretty into it. I loved it! Then summer came and it got really hot, and after making excuse after excuse I finally fell out of the habit. Now, I run a couple times per week and most other days I do Blogilates videos!

I love them. I stumbled upon Blogilates by total accident, and immediately got hooked. Cassey Ho (instructor) is super motivating, she’s relatable, and she’s funny! Her videos are short, so I do 3-4 most nights. I haven’t weighed myself since I learned I gained those 8 pounds, but I know I’ve lost the weight because my skinniest jeans fit properly again!

Also, although I still have a layer of cushion around my midsection, I can see the difference in my abs! So, my core is stronger, my butt is more firm/rounded (score!!) and my arms are definitely stronger. I have a vision of what I’m working toward – I have a whole secret pinboard, actually! But I’ve got a long way to go before I get there. The fact that I can see subtle changes in my form is enough to motivate me to keep going!

So that was my pledge to myself.

My other decision was one that the whole family will enjoy. I’ve decided it’s time to get another puppy! Loki is almost 2 years old. He’s been such a joy (and a pain) to have! He’s absolutely the best dog I’ve ever owned, and I felt it was time to bring a buddy home for him!

And, seeing how great Loki turned out, back around Thanksgiving I decided to check in with the breeder I got him from to see if she had any pups available, or had any litters coming up. Turns out, she did! She had just paired one of her females with a gorgeous Spanish male and the litter is due any day now!

Once they’re born, we’ll get second pick (breeder gets first pick) and then we will need to wait 6-8 weeks before we can bring him/her home to meet Loki and the boys. We’re all pretty excited! Well, except Loki. He doesn’t have a clue. But I think he’ll be happy?!

I’ve been throwing around some unique names, but so far I haven’t made any decisions. I guess it’s a good thing I’ve got some time before I have to decide! 😛