Berry-Picking at King’s Orchard

I came across King’s Orchard one day when searching for a company picnic site and thought it sounded like a neat place to go. Though the company picnic will not be hosted at King’s Orchard, I convinced my mom to take a trip with me about an hour outside of town to see what King’s Orchard had to offer. We had hopes of picking our own blackberries, plums, peaches, and blueberries, but when we arrived at the orchard we were informed that all the South Texas summer had left for us were blueberries, some green tomatoes and a meager garden of fresh flowers for picking.

Sad sight at King's Orchard.

Since we’d made the trip out, my mom and I decided we’d load up on as many blueberries as we could and skip the green tomatoes. Then we’d see whether we were interested in the flowers. We headed over to the blueberry trees and were greeted by dead trees, trees with hardly any fruit, and a few good trees with a reasonable amount of produce. We took out our buckets and began picking what we could.

Blueberries on tree

One of the better blueberry trees we came across

We left the blueberry trees and headed over to the flower gardens. All that the heat and the bugs left were some Zinnias, Echinacea, Brain Flower (I don’t know the real name), and a few Sunflowers. We filled our cup with as many stems as we could for $9 flat. Not too bad!

Big, bright Sunflower

Mom picking Zinnias


All in all, it wasn’t a bad trip. It was sad to see so much of the land parched and plants shriveled up from the lack of water. I ended up with 5 cups (roughly 1 pound and a half) of wonderful blueberries and enough freshly cut flowers to fill 3 vases! We will plan to go back this fall when the next crops are ripe.

My bounty of blueberries

Vases of Flowers