Getting Ready

Ok, so I’ve got a business trip coming up at end of May/beginning of June to Chicago.

Now, this is a very important trip, business aside, because it just so happens that my super sexy, totally amazing bf lives in Chicago now and I have not yet been there to visit!

Mine!! :-)(<—that’s him!!)

I loved Chicago inexplicably even prior to his move there, but now I obviously have all that much more reason to love the Windy City! Needless to say, I’m thrilled – totally excited – to be going in a matter of approximately 7 weeks!! So much to do, so little time to do it in!

For the business end, I will need to pack professional (yet stylish) clothing – ok, easy enough! The meticulous part comes when I have to think about what to pack for the FUN part of the trip – seeing the bf!! What will we do?! Will we go out? Will we stay in? Do both? How is one to know how to pack for this?! Should I scrap packing and just do a shop when I’m there?! Decisions, decisions.

Oh well…I’ll put the thought on hold for a day or two and bask in the glow of the gorgeous city instead!!

Chicago Skyline